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FutureManagement (global consulting engagements), is the public facing unit under the corporate holding company Future Management Holdings Inc (FMHI).  The FMHI FutureManagement unit provides consulting insights and research into futurist trends within the following disciplines:

TheFutureWay Institute (Think Tank) (TFWi) futurist-trends
FMPartnersOnLine Digital Hosting | Technology (FMPOL) sector-wide
Giving-Foundations-Charity (gTFW) sector-wide
Small-Business (cTFW) sector-wide
Gold-Commodity (FMPC-Comm) commodities
Oil & GasPipelines (FMPC-E) commodities
Gigs & Skills Workforce (Opportunities) (JobStep) sector-wide
Financials – Banking (FMPC-FIN) financials
Social-MediaLivestream-Video | adTech (MSM) digital-media
Automotive-MotorSports Racing (FMPR) transports
Consumer Facing eCommerce (sTFW) shopping
Management Consulting (cTFW) practice-disciplines
Capital-Management (FMPC) partnerships
FMHI The Mariotti Family Office (FMHI) board of directors

Our optimized service offerings are designed to help clients & partners generate revenue, increase optimal performance and cost-effective profit, integrate and transition to next-generation technology. Since 1975 engagements have provided successful management consulting for Trillions of Dollars of capital assets worldwide.

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e-mail: Info@TheFutureWay.com
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The aforementioned, in no particular order, is for information purposes only which are included for related research regardless of any other characterization.

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