Cash Flow Machine

by Mark Mariotti
UPDATED(07/27/2017@09:30 Pacific Time)

The following represents a snap-shot model of my current personal hedged   Cash Flow Machine   portfolio asset allocation target:

After 5-decades of my own personal trading & investing, I have concluded there are many tremendous ways to turn your existing hard-earned accumulated assets into a cash flow machine. I target 10% as the overall annual yield from allocated assets, with a balance between constant coupon cash-flows and market value appreciation p&l sales gains. Each day as I age, I become a bit more retired, and I now appreciate more than ever before the more steady & predictable cash-flows into my bank account, versus the casino-like risk of equity speculation & appreciation.

My experience has lead me to the nimble & constantly performing ‘Dynamic Allocation’ of my existing assets rotating them between ‘Cash Management’  (primary objective is safety of assets) – ‘Growth Investor’ (primary objective is to grow assets) – ‘Income Investor’ (primary objective is to produce multiple income streams) and all the while with a keen eye to evaluating the future potential of active investment positions & market sectors, taking profits, reducing risk, & hedging. 

Also I have found it very important to take ownership of my own personal performance, properly diversify within asset classes which I am comfortable managing, ignoring all the noise until it becomes actionable, then utilizing the vetted experts advice by executing and constantly monitoring/adjusting the results.

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