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by Mark Mariotti
UPDATED(04/08/2017@09:30 Pacific Time)



UPDATED(11/29/2016@09:30 Pacific Time)Well before the US presidential campaign for 2016 began, various pro business people began looking towards the presidency to change direction of the United States. 

During the recent decades most sitting presidents placed their mainly passive investments into a ‘blind-trust’ which in theory provides separation between a president’s business holdings and the people’s interest which they will govern. 

This has been a generally accepted voluntary process, whereby no actual specific and definitive US Constitution directive exists. So jump to the current president-elect with extremely active global business holdings and there exists various challenges for disclosure of potential ‘Conflicts of Interest’ when sitting in judgement of various issues. 

With a widely accepted later-day model of giving, many conflicts can arise. No longer are we merely cutting a check and looking the other way, we are looking very deeply into issues, giving contributions of capital and intellectual property resources. While championing issues for the greater good; we may become a cheerleader for efforts in which the greater good flourishes as well as our own personal interests.

My belief is that each person will reach their own understanding based upon the facts. If you want truth perhaps consulting Dan Rather or Plato, will provide some comfort. With everyone’s ability to comprehend at various levels, one must set aside the drama, conflicts and noise to drill-down to the actual facts. Is the reader of any blog post (that isn’t expressly notated as opinion or fiction) interested in the facts? Is it possible any longer to actually know the facts? How does one substantiate fact from fiction?

This aforementioned matter which I have reviewed, piqued my interest and my personal intentions are to research this matter and drill down further. I have been completely independent and fact-based researching for both private & publishing requirements since October 22, 1970 (began career as a teenager)– my fact-based sub rosa research intent is; understand the facts, maintain a non-partisan, secular, unbiased research and assemble the results.

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by Mark Mariotti

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