Election-Themed Horror

I suspect the horrors of our polarized nation will be played out with Lena Dunham Joining Election-Themed Season of 'American Horror Story'

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US Healthcare

GOP's Obamacare Repeal Cut Insured by 32 Million, CBO Says – CBO: Obamacare repeal bill would raise number of uninsured by 32 million by 2026The news comes after President Donald Trump pushed Republican senators to reach an agreement on a measure before the August recess.
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F1 Halo

F1 Racing News | Racer.com – FIA confirms Halo introduction in 2018

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MobileFirst TV

Jeffrey Katzenberg wants to launch mobile-first New TV service

The project's MultiBillion funding, based on potential partners [ Apple, Google, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Snapchat and Spotify ]

The concept breaks away from traditional broadcasters, and is to produce compelling 10-minute content without commercials to be played directly on mobile and web streaming sites via MultiStreamMedia.com

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Glucose Strategy

Sleep: The Most Forgotten Blood Sugar Strategy | diaTribe

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Billion Dollar Image


Not So Much… Billionaires NOT trusted by most Americans – Wall Street Efforts to Improve Its Image Fail to Sway Americans – most Americans hold unfavorable views of Wall Street banks and corporate executives, and distrust billionaires more than they admire them.

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US Social Security

What’s in store for Social Security – Experts discuss the 2017 Social Security Trustees Report

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Nothing Saved

50 And Nothing Saved For Retirement: What To Do, Where To Start

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Second Chances

Life will always give you a second chance, irrespective of your past. It provides a reason to stand up again and move forward towards a new direction. Same is the case for children who come to Aishworya Children’s Home. Our mission is to provide them with a new start, full of love and opportunity.

In this newsletter we’re proud to include an update from Biru, who grew up at Aishworya and embraced his new start, and is now progressing his study and supporting himself.

We’d also like to ask for your help. We’re trying to raise funds to send a beautiful young boy, Prince, to a special needs school so he doesn’t miss out on the opportunity all children should have. You can visit our Ammado fundraising page to find out more.

Thank you all for your ongoing friendship – we hope you enjoy our latest update.
Warmest wishes,

Pramila Ghimire
Assistant Director

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Disneyland Star Wars

The Disneyland unveil of Star Wars development project looks very encouraging – Only issue I think that I hear most often;  is WAY TOO OVERCROWDED- freeway access to parking already a 2-hour wait in your car.

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