Retirement Mobility


by Mark Mariotti
(12/20/2018@07:30 Pacific Time)


OUR MISSION – dedicated to inspiring resources towards vetted global community fact-based retirement programs. These program’s primary focus is for the retiree to focus on a well-rounded healthy and vibrant life for themselves, while also providing efforts assisting others. 


We all search for and benefit from the security of a ‘family home.’ Obviously the home will vary depending upon the individual or family resources and requirements, and unfortunately many may not be able to fulfill their needs, which is why we focus resources for homeless families. The newly retired with their own resources however may desire to downsize their lifestyle and redefine the responsibility and commitment of a family home.

From raising a family to watching the family spread their wings and drift into their own lifestyle, the retiree may want to enjoy having a home-base, travel, and experience the financial benefits of a redefined ‘retiree home’ NOT to be confused with a ‘retirement home.’ There are many ‘free to the user’ digital services to assist the newly retired with selling the former family residence and find a less expensive home-base solution, as well as travel mobility.

Digital services are using a ‘free to the user’ business model. We must be mindful that this model however corrupts the information which the user is viewing. Obviously there is no ‘free lunch’ and somehow these businesses must respond to their shareholders demand for profits. To keep their business profitable they in-turn provide this ‘free to the user’ at a cost to those entities that can profit by presenting their perversion of facts via advertising or a collection of the users data.

The following provides more in-depth details of the alternatives to this ‘free to the user’ model:

We can only imagine what the future way of these ‘free to the user’ digital services will look like. The current explosion of user awareness, and account deletion, ultimately indicates the demand of privacy and the security of their data and the information which is made available for their viewing.


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