unVetted Internet Posts~~> New Zealand mosque shooting: Attacker’s apparent manifesto probed – Despite Crackdowns, White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi Videos Take Stubborn Root on YouTube – Monitor racism and extremism – Marines Move to Tackle Racial Extremists in the Corps – Extremism | HuffPost – Muslim Publics Share Concerns about Extremist Groups | Pew Research Center

Andrew Yang (@AndrewYangVFA)
One reason we sometimes wind up with extreme politicians is that we have a one-round process that does not always reflect people’s true preferences. Ranked choice voting would help reward candidates who command broad support and would lead to better results. The process matters.

Capitalist Extremists…

unVetted Internet Posts~~> Some vague references found on GOOGLE searches, even less within trends analysis – for our usage we are seeking a clear reference for capitalism efforts which have run-a-muck

Capitalist’s can bring great innovation to the general public’s Main Street using the tools of Capitalism. Interesting to note a widespread discrepancy and unclear inconsistent usage of the term ‘Capitalist-Extremists

The antithesis has been labeled ‘anti-capitalist extremists’ by Glenn Beck’s ‘Make America Great Again’ statement in 2011 referring loosely to the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement.

Also… “Moral Capitalism” is being referenced; whereby the way to a moral capitalism is not self-reform, but the USA Congress building new systems — of labor protection, taxation, education, environment. Rules can make capitalism moral.

So in lieu of anything solid, our Posts will relate to capitalism used within an extreme sense – since we all definitely have our own opinions and believe it’s necessary in today’s times & culture, to clearly be aware of all extremes especially a Capitalist – Extremist. Common sense dictates a solid well-balanced capitalist, keeping the economy in growth while protecting the complete welfare of the government’s citizens. Ferreting out the identity of those potential extremists should assist in mitigating any potential tragedy to capitalism.

ian bremmer (@ianbremmer)
Tech billionaires who donate
biggest % of wealth to charity.

After Bill Gates it’s a disaster.

1 Bill Gates 46%
2 Michael Dell 9%
3 Carlos Slim 6%
4 Sergey Brin 5%
5 Ma Huateng 4%
6 Larry Page 3%
7 Mark Zuckerberg 2.4%
8 Larry Ellison 2.1%
9 Jeff Bezos 1.9%

Your odds of “making it to the top” might be better than you think, although it’s tough to stay on top once you get there – America’s silence makes it complicit in Saudi bombing of Yemeni children (opinion) – CNN – The Billionaires and The Guru: How a Family Burned Through $2 Billion – Bloomberg – Billionaire Elon Musk (Elon Musk Details ‘Excruciating’ Personal Toll of Tesla Turmoil) –  (Tesla board is reportedly in the dark about buyout—that’s not normal) – Billionaires find Americans are quite favorable to a set of policies that the Koch network opposes – The Koch Brothers Commissioned a Survey of Americans and Found Most Like a $15 Minimum Wage, Free College, and Universal Health Care

We’ll keep searching Internet Posts and asking for suggestions of a proper definition and list our findings in the following:

Meet The Members Of The Three-Comma Club – Certainly Not All Billionaires Are Extremists

  1. Women’s March joins forces with anti-capitalist extremists
  2. Capitalist Extremists Blow Up 85 Civilians In Syria, Including 11 Children
  3. The Age of Extremes
  4. The Capitalist Threat
  5. What “Capitalism” Is and How It Affects People
  6. Wall Street finds new subprime with brokers pitching 125 percent loans Predatory Lending Practices: Business Borrowers Hurt By ’Confession of Judgment’ Filings
  7. Warren: Billionaires should ‘stop being freeloaders


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