Disgusting & Inhumane

Listen to Children Who’ve Just Been Separated From Their Parents at the US/Mexico Border – ProPublica (independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force) has obtained audio from inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility – All four living former first ladies condemn Trump border policy  -[ REUNITED UPDATE 7/13/2018 ]-

I challenge anyone in the Trump Administration to listen to this audio and defend the child separation policy –Senator Jeff Merkley

Separating immigrant children from parents a ‘congressional problem,’ -John Cox

The entire Democratic caucus supports our bill to bar children from being taken from their parents at the border. I’ve heard countless Republicans say that they oppose children being taken from their parents. If that’s true, they should support our bill NOW! -Senator Dianne Feinstein

Family separation is cruel and inhumane. It goes against everything this nation stands for -Senator Bob Menendez

Please support our work by making a tax-deductible gift today. Donate – Women’s Refugee Commission –  Right now, we are facing a human rights crisis at our border. Our asylum laws and child protection laws are being undermined -Michelle Brané is one of the nation’s foremost experts on U.S. immigration detention and reform.

unVetted Internet Posts~~> UPDATE: More than 14,000 immigrant children are in U.S. custody, an all-time high | ICE put a 4-year-old on a plane to Guatemala. Her dad found out 30 minutes before she landed – ‪Bomb fragments found in Yemen link US-made weapons to a string of civilian deaths over the course of the war‬ – Col. Turki al-Malki, the Saudi-led coalition spokesman, told CNN that the coalition would investigate. The “coalition takes any allegations of incidents very seriously” and “targeting operations are carried out in conformity to the rules of engagement, which resemble the highest international standards,” he added.

The @washingtonpost weighs in with sober condemnation on the tragedy taking place in Yemen – including the widespread deaths of civilians with apparent American complicity. Many are young children. It’s a complicated situation but one that cannot be ignored – US supplied bomb that killed 40 children on Yemen school bus – Why We Know So Little About the U.S.-Backed War in Yemen

Worker Charged With Sexually Molesting Eight Children at Immigrant Shelter – Government: The Trump administration said in a court filing 463 migrant parents may have been deported without their children – The Washington Post – Migrant women remain in legal limbo while waiting to see their children

From Crib To Court: Trump Administration Summons Immigrant Infants – Judge Halts Deportations of Reunited Families – Volunteer shares gruesome story from detention facilities – As Many As 3,000 Migrant Families Separated At The Border Haven’t Been Reunited – Trump admin ran ‘pilot program’ for separating migrant families in 2017

What’s Happening to the 2,300 Children Already Separated From Their Parents? Here’s Everything We Know (There is still no clear process for reuniting them with their families) – Senate Candidate Arrested For Delivering Toys To Children’s Internment CampAngel Families – FACT CHECK: Did Melania Trump Wear This Jacket When Visiting Children Separated from Their Families (YES an incredulous TRUE FACT) – Opinion by New York Governor

A Moral Outrage We Must Not Tolerate – The New York Times – California, other states plan to sue Trump administration over family separations – Trump to Sign Order Wednesday to Keep Migrant Families Together – All 4 living former first ladies have now condemned family separation – Trump’s Immigrant Child Detentions Mean $458 Million for Nonprofit – American Academy of Pediatrics president: Trump family separation policy is ‘child abuse’

More than 60% of voters oppose Trump administration’s family separation policy, poll says – The poll underscores the backlash Trump and closely associated congressional Republicans could face for the policy – Read more…



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