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by Mark Mariotti
UPDATED(05/31/2018@09:30 Pacific Time)

‘Free Speech’ – (Freedom of Speech) arguably is FREE within certain limits by the individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation –  freedom of expression is recognized as a human right. However free speech is NOT FREE for the audience… for the viewer based-upon the ‘public advertising model’  you get what you pay for; ‘Fake News’ – ‘Fake Views’ – ‘Fake Likes’ – ‘Fake People’ – ‘Fake Self-Promotion’ and disinformation can manipulate the audience at a very high-cost.  The following links to vetted journalists can provide a tremendous amount of fact-based research…  


Disinformation is one of the biggest threats our democracy faces. Like our reporting on dark money, it is one of those stories behind all the other stories. So we want to build a team dedicated to tracking and exposing the forces behind disinformation as a new reporting priority… read our plan and get involved—and join us with a tax-deductible donation today.

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius  (generally attributed)


Some things to think about:

  • Is the audience really interested in the facts or merely satisfied with entertainment?
  • Is it possible any longer, with the ability to manufacture facts with unvetted stories by unvetted entities and bots, to actually and correctly understand the facts of any specific matter?
  • How does one REALLY substantiate FACTS from fiction?

For over 5-decades   TheFutureWay ‘Fact-Based’ Research Team  have continued to research from the best available facts, and provide the reader an option with a ‘Fact-Based’ approach.

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses” – Plato  (generally attributed)

unVetted Internet Articles – TruthBuzz Fellowship: Fact-Checking That Makes the Truth Go Viral | International Center for Journalists – ICIJ is committed to exposing the truth and holding the powerful to account through unprecedented reporting collaborations… be part of that conversation, to change the rules, to change the course of journalism and, together, to change the world.Sasakawa USA Emerging Experts Delegation (SEED) Program – 2018 | ICFJ – International Center for Journalists – Julian Assangefake-news, fake-out… Google’s Mass-Shooting Misinformation Problem – The Atlantic

Fake-News PropagandaAmerican Pravda – Reviewed By Project Veritas

Former Fox News Analyst Calls Network a ‘Destructive Propaganda Machine’ – The New York Times – Propaganda has been around forever, today with social media its now described and classified as ‘Fake News’ (#FakeNews). For at least the recent century, global governments via their deep covert operations teams and military have engaged in manufacturing their own information, primarily to influence an audience and further their own agenda; this is commonly called propaganda – One such newspaper which began publication on 5 May 1912, is called ‘Pravda‘ – ironically or intentionally, the Russian word pravda, is defined in English as truth.

Jump to current day and it’s OBVIOUS that the new Tech Social Media is being utilized for this very same affect. The facebook community is encountering a review from the US Government for its envolvement with Russian advertisements.

…the aforementioned matter(s) which I have personally reviewed from the   ‘public advertising model’   piqued my interest and my intent is to research this matter and drill down further searching for the facts. As an independent journalist and fact-based researcher (one of my various roles), publishing since October 22, 1970 (began as a teenager) – my research intent is to understand the best available facts; maintaining a non-partisan, non-polarized, secular, unbiased research approach and assemble the results for confidential reporting based-upon the   ‘private fee-based model’Mark Mariotti

The aforementioned, in no particular order, is for information purposes only which are included for related research regardless of any other characterization.

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