American Pravda – NY Times – Propaganda has been around forever, today with social media its now described and classified as ‘Fake News’ (#FakeNews). For at least the recent century, global governments via their deep covert operations teams and military have engaged in manufacturing their own information, primarily to influence an audience and further their own agenda; this is commonly called propaganda.

One such newspaper which began publication on 5 May 1912, is called ‘Pravda‘ – ironically or intentionally, the Russian word pravda, is defined in English as truth.

Jump to current day and it’s OBVIOUS that the new Media Tech is being utilized for this very same affect. The facebook community is encountering a review from the US Government for its envolvement with Russian advertisements.


This aforementioned matter which I have reviewed, piqued my interest and my personal intentions are to research this matter and drill down further. I have been completely independent and fact-based researching for both private & publishing requirements since October 22, 1970 (began career as a teenager)– my fact-based sub rosa research intent is; understand the facts, maintain a non-partisan, secular, unbiased research and assemble the results.

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by Mark Mariotti

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