Single-Payer System

Meet the Democrats Running on Single-Payer Health Care – Rolling Stone

H.R.676 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act | | Library of Congress

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Oregon Healthcare

GOP does everything they can to take away healthcare from millions of Americans, here in Oregon, legislators have acted instead to protect coverage for families

Protect Healthcare in Oregon

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North Korea

Statement from the USA President on North Korea’s Second ICBM Launch:

North Korea’s test launch today of another intercontinental ballistic missile—the second such test in less than a month—is only the latest reckless and dangerous action by the North Korean regime. The United States condemns this test and rejects the regime’s claim that these tests—and these weapons—ensure North Korea’s security. In reality, they have the opposite effect. By threatening the world, these weapons and tests further isolate North Korea, weaken its economy, and deprive its people. The United States will take all necessary steps to ensure the security of the American homeland and protect our allies in the region.

North Korea Follows Familiar Playbook With Guam Reversal – WSJ

Guam governor says North Korea’s talk of revenge is no threat

Reports: (War of Words… for the moment) North Korea ‘examining‘ plan to strike Guam #NorthKorea

Trump warns North Korea threats ‘will be met with fire and fury’ – President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned North Korea about facing “fire and fury” if it makes more threats to the U.S. Read more…

UN Security Council imposes new sanctions on North Korea
Pacom Commander Lists Threats, Discusses Strategy in Indo-Asia-Pacific > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Article
US tests defense system after North Korea missile launch – bombers fly over South Korea after North’s 2nd ICBM test – As Trump fumes, experts warn that an answer to the North Korea crisis won’t come through China – For various reasons, the U.S. cannot count on China as a reliable partner in defusing the crisis on the Korean Peninsula – US lashes out at China over North Korea’s provocations, declaring that the time for talk is ‘over’ President Donald Trump lashed out at China for its inability to exert sway over North Korea, making vague threats of retaliation. Read more…

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IndyCar Fan Page

Indy Car

Indy Car Open Wheel Racing

[ WATCH ]~~> Verizon IndyCar Series on Periscope

IndyCar 2018 Schedule

IndyCar DetroitGP

IndyCar Belle Isle



2016 IndyCar Testing

2016 Verizon IndyCar Series

IndyCar @ Road America

Indy Car on First-Screen

Indy Car Racing Attendance/Viewers

Indy | Dixon on Pole

HopeLine via Verizon, INDYCAR

2015 Indy 500 99th Running

IndyCar: Times drop on final day of NOLA test

Sonoma IndyCar testing

Toyota Grand Prix – Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

Let’s go racing at @officialmidohio! Tune in at 3pm ET to catch the #Honda200 LIVE on @cnbc. #INDYCAR

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FMPartners Racing –!Rail


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Pollution Nightmare

Dakota Access Company Cozied Up To Ohio Officials. Then A Pollution Nightmare Began – DOCUMENTS

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US Fed Watch

Fed Says, "$4.5 Trillion Balance-Sheet Unwind to Start Soon, Holds Rates Steady"

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Wonder Woman 2

'Wonder Woman 2' Release Date Set | Hollywood Reporter

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Medex Supply

[ Expires July 31, 2017 ]~~> Receive $10 off your order of $200 or more with coupon code "MEDEX10" [ Expires July 31, 2017 ]

(Free Shipping On Orders Of $99+)

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Better Lucky

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg: Success like mine only happens with luck – The founder and CEO of Facebook discussed the topic during a Facebook Live from his backyard.

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Fed Fear

Echoes of 1994 bond meltdown stoke market's Fed fear – A mistake from the Fed might be the only thing investors really fear right now in this, the eighth year of the second-longest bull run ever.

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