YouTube announces cable-free TV subscription service | HBO GO Streaming | DirectTV Now | Amazon Prime

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Excess Sugar

How High Blood Sugar is Linked to Alzheimer’s | Adaptive thermogenesis is why weight loss tends to slow down over time

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Health Care Insurance

dental insurance plan

New York Times Highlights Greg Walden’s Obamacare Dilemma – Editorial: Greg Walden is not hiding from his constituents – Across the country, angry mobs of protesters are flooding town hall meetings of GOP senators and representatives.

Democrats, GOP spar over Medicaid reform at govs’ meeting | Paul Ryan’s Medicaid Reform Program

MedicaidPoll: GOP should keep money for Medicaid expansionbudget won’t touch entitlement programs such as Social Security or Medicare

Governors mull Medicaid expansion ahead of Trump meeting | The Adults a Medicaid Work Requirement Would Leave Behind | Hands Off Medicare and Medicaid Tour: Find Three Republicans to Vote No

House G.O.P. Leaders Outline Plan to Replace Obama Health Care Act

Mr. Cuello  said it would be difficult for states to determine which of their Medicaid enrollees were truly capable of work. Someone may be legitimately disabled but not yet approved for disability benefits, for example  –  That is the case with Jimmy T. Brunson, 44, whose diabetes has caused painful neuropathy in his feet. Mr. Brunson, who was playing dominoes one recent morning at Jericho Way, a resource center for the homeless, said he sporadically found temporary jobs but had a hard time keeping them because of the pain in his feet.

Similar to the unDeclared disabled as described in the aforementioned; many unDeclared early retirees that left the workforce to volunteer at non-profit giving programs, received a pension & healthcare coverage filling the gap until they qualified for Social Security & Medicare had their policies promptly CANCELLED via the Obama Administration ACA (Obamacare) new requirements. Americans who received (Their Self Paid & In-force Health Care Insurance Policy) letters from their insurance companies policies won’t be available next year – POLICY CANCELLED – Separating myth from reality on Obamacare 

Former MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Is Not the Face of Cancelled Insurance – Dylan Ratigan seemed like the next candidate to become the face of the “I liked my plan and I lost it” movement when he tweeted that his $170-a-month catastrophic health insurance plan had been cancelled. And no, he’s not eligible for any subsidies – Twitter @DylanRatigan Post==> I bought a catastrophic health policy for $170/mo when I left MSNBC. Obamacare cancelled the policy. New rate $600/mo. Thnx Mr. President!

Now with the lack of uncertainty the unDeclared could be flooding Social Security, Medicare and Welfare with DECLARED applications – Expect Medicaid to Change, but Not Shrivel, Under Donald Trump – ACA Away

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Car-Tech Wars

Rival Company Claims Uber Stole Self-Driving Car Tech

TheFutureWay Tech

FMPartners Motors

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USA & Global Debt

US Debt Clock Details

– The United States public debt is a measure of the obligations of the US federal government




unVetted Internet Posts~~>Deficit balloons to highest level since 2012 – CBO Sees $804 Billion 2018 Deficit, $1 Trillion Gap By 2020

The national debt (portion held by the public) is expected to rise to $28.7 trillion from $15.7 trillion over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office. ‘Another trillion in debt, here we come’: Cohn sees Trump working with Democrats on infrastructure

Former White House economic advisor Gary Cohn said President Donald Trump will work with Congress to pass a massive debt-fueled infrastructure bill if Democrats take control after November elections – Read more…

Under Trump’s watch, America is now over $21 trillion in debt — worst in history – Federal Debt Problem Continues to Worsen: That’s Bad News for the Future – Under Trump’s watch, national debt tops $21 trillion for first time ever – CBS News – Howard Schultz: $21 trillion debt is biggest threat to US domestically

Emerging Market Debt Risk – Former Speaker John Boehner: USA Deficit will be ‘No. 1 issue’ in 6 months the normalization of interest rates would have a “whipsaw effect” on the deficit – Read more…

Looming USA ‘debt hangover’ will crush the economy – The U.S. will likely not feel the effects of current fiscal policy until its too late, says Prof. Jason Reed – Read more…

Conservatives and business leaders worried about the USA deficit take aim at Social Security and Medicare – The GOP tax plan means short-term gains for the economy, but the federal debt is primed to explode, CBO analysis says – The CBO estimated the cumulative deficit over the next decade will be $1.6 trillion larger than previously projected. By 2028, national debt would total 96 percent of GDP Read more…

Bill Gross: Trump good for stocks now, but bad for ‘long-term debt crisis’

Hedge fund billionaire David Tepper says he’s ‘still long stocks’ and ‘still short bonds‘ | The odds of an interest rate hike have begun to shift in a new direction | Trump Wants Credit for Cutting the National Debt – Economists Say Not So Fast | A Guide to Donald Trump’s Huge Debts—and the Conflicts They Present | Corporate debt seen ballooning to $75 trillion: S&P – Bloomberg: America’s Future Got $7 Trillion Worse Since the Financial Crisis – at some point the debt must be addressed – with the US economy no longer in an emergency situation, perhaps now is the time for the Fed’s to raise interest rates and address borrowing.


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US Equity

Raymond James’ Jeff Saut: I’ve never seen anything like this market, so I’m out | Why mutual funds could be on their way to another lousy year

Becky Quick And Warren Buffett – Here is the full transcript of billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s interview with CNBC

Hedge fund billionaire David Tepper says he’s ‘still long stocks‘ and ‘still short bonds’ | Look out below! Mark ‘Dr. Doom’ Faber sees market selling triggering an ‘avalanche’ | Buffett’s not the only one mad at hedge funds, as more investors likely to yank cash again this year

10 things billionaires won’t tell you | Vanguard – Buffet fan – 3 ways to invest like Warren Buffett as detailed in his annual shareholder | Buffett slams Wall Street ‘monkeys’, says hedge funds and advisors have cost clients $100 billion

Goldman Warns U.S. Stocks Are Reaching Peak Optimism | For Buffett, America’s Best Days Always Lie Ahead | Buffett Says U.S. Market System to Continue Far Into the Future | Lessons From the Oracle: Warren Buffett’s Shareholder Letter, Annotated | Berkshire Profit Advances 15% to $6.29 Billion on Investments – Buffett the 86-year-old billionaire keeps adding value | To the Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. – gain in net worth during 2016 was $27.5 billion

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US Oil Nation

S&P closes lower after oil drops more than 2% again – U.S. stocks traded mostly lower on Wednesday as oil prices failed to rebound from a sharp fall during the previous session – Collapsing oil prices could fall into the $30s before the selling stops, analysts say

US turns into ‘oil nation‘ with record exports, ‘eating’ OPEC market

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Global Seed Vault

Arctic ‘doomsday’ seed vault receives 50,000 new deposits

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Pipelines Protest

Energy Transfer sues Greenpeace over Dakota pipeline – many sides positive & negative with investments in energy pipelines- unfortunately courts required to become arbitrator of what is fair & reasonable for all sides

At one end of Trump’s revived Keystone XL pipeline, there’s a scene you must see to believe

Judge’s ruling focuses Dakota pipeline opponents on hearing next week

What Now After Trump Administration OK for Keystone XL Pipeline? | Trump to Approve Keystone XL, Amid Health Care Battle

Dakota protesters regroup, plot resistance to other pipelines

Dakota Access Pipeline | Energy Transfer says Dakota Access pipeline 99 pct complete | Dakota Pipeline: What’s behind the controversy? | US judge rejects tribes’ latest effort to stop Dakota Access pipeline progress

Trump to give green light to Dakota Access, Keystone XL oil pipelines


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