hedge fund business

Josh Brown: I’ve never seen anything like the massacre of the hedge fund business this year

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2030 | Canada Pledge

Canada has pledged to reduce its emissions 30 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030, but the country’s greenhouse gas output has been on a slow but steady rise for the last five years.

Ottawa gives conditional approval to giant LNG project for B.C. coast | Feds flying to Metro Vancouver for historic LNG decision, expected to OK megaproject

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2021 | Train Travel


Ten spectacular rail journeys | Learn About Our Vacation Clubs | Higher-Speed Rail

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Rate Caution

Check your bond funds before interest rates rise

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Unpredictable Markets

Hedge fund big Perry Capital to shutter after 28 years, hit by ‘unpredictable‘ market | The hedge fund fee structure just took another blow

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Very Great, USA

Eased by Bridge Housing

Andy’s Transition from China to San Francisco

In 1999, Andy Choy left his home in Guangzhou City, China, and emigrated to San Francisco in search of a new life for his family. “There’s freedom here,” he says of the United States. “You can watch the news, you can say what you want to say.”

In the years since he arrived, Andy, 41, has worked hard to get a toehold in one of the country’s most expensive cities. He’s held a series of jobs to support his wife and 15-year-old daughter; now he’s part of the room service team at a luxury hotel downtown, but finding the right place to live hasn’t always been easy. The family moved through five different locations before finding an affordably priced two-bedroom unit at the Fell Street Apartments with help from our partner Bridge Housing.

Andy now bikes only a mile to work and he and his wife walk to a nearby grocery store to stock up on apples, strawberries, grapes, avocados and yogurt for breakfast. He loves to cook and sometimes buys fresh seafood to prepare with ginger and onions. When he has time off, he likes to watch the many parades and celebrations that wend through the streets of San Francisco. He appreciates the joys of living in the heart of the city, an option he knows is increasingly rare for families like his.

Andy also knows that living at Fell Street is not the typical renter’s experience. Before, if Andy asked a landlord to repair something, he’d have to wait for weeks or months. At Fell Street, a broken light bulb or door is quickly fixed. “They take care of the building, they take care of the people,” he says of the property’s management.

One day, Andy hopes, he will become a homebuyer, perhaps with a little help from friends and the assistance of an affordable housing program. He knows it won’t be easy, but Andy is accustomed to hard work. “You need to make some chance for yourself,” he says.

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Birth of Tech Explosion

post developing Birth of FinTech | Data General in Van Nuys, California is the birth of tech explosion in small business using the Eclipse Mini-Computer for online realtime auto insurance quotes during the mid 1970’s as well as NASA Space Shuttle simulation | The Soul of A New Machine by Tracy Kidder  

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Lost Weekend

John Lennon’s Infamous ‘Lost Weekend‘ Revisited

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Rolling Stone Sale

Jann Wenner to Sell 49% of Rolling Stone to Singapore’s BandLab

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Educaton Job Step

With a constant government scrutiny and reduction of education-funding (ITT Tech Closed), and the failure of corporate employee retention (Wells Fargo Sued Over (employee) Firings for Missed Account Quotas), the constant redeployment of skill-sets to match the rapidity of change of work-load requirements must be addressed. It’s essential to bridge these gaps.

JobStep.com for decades has addressed this very issue, and believes the future way of education must evolve extremely fast.

Providing employers, employees, and the general economy a skilled and satisfied workforce is essential.  From the first moments of an individual’s learning experiences, until appropriate and capable skills have been acquired which are satisfactory to mach the employment requirement must be placed under an extreme focus.



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