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Alberta PC Leader Ric McIver fined by ethics watchdog over conflict of interest | A policy governing conflicts of interests is perhaps the most important policy a nonprofit board can adopt. To have the most impact, the policy should be in writing, and the board and staff should review the policy regularly

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During the recent decade we have redefined the concepts and models of giving. Today there are vastly more for-profit organizations which have taken a very assertive and pro-active stance to fighting issues which that organization’s board has a keen interest in assisting. This concept of active boards will definitely challenge our existing concept of ‘Conflict of Interest’ whereby many of these board members will have vast public and private interests which overlap. We must reexamine our governance making sure that we do not disenfranchise those capable individuals from continuing their giving.

Trump says executives will run his business empire with his children | Trump says he sold stocks (June 2016) because ‘I just thought it was a conflict,’ offers no proof | Pence on Trump’s unprecedented conflicts of interest: ‘Who cares?’ | Balancing Public/Private Conflicts of Interest – Donald Trump Meeting Suggests He Is Keeping Up His Business Ties | Over 90 Million Eligible Voters (Over 231 million Americans are eligible to vote, just over 130 million of those Eligible Voters, actually voted) Didn’t Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election | December 2010 independent “governance review” by a law firm that specializes in nonprofits requested by Mrs. Clinton’s daughter Chelsea who had concerns about the Clinton Foundation and potential conflict-of-interests with its donors

Conflict of Interest (COI)

    • The potential conflict of interest in==> Government – voters facing challenges with selecting a government representative while prosepctive candidates & incumbent government representatives solicit contributions for their career of public service, which is ALWAYS SUPPOSED to be about protecting the common good | Represent.Us: End corruption. Defend the Republic.
    • The potential conflict of interest in==> Business – Inside the High-Profile Downfall of a $8 Billion Hedge Fund
    • Fact-Based Reporting

US Presidential Campaign Conflicts

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