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unVetted Internet Posts~~> Microsoft blows past estimates in every category, beats Street

Microsoft buys Wand Labs to add more natural language tech to messaging apps and bots | LinkedIn CEO: Here’s Why I Sold the Company to Microsoft | Beyond Microsoft and LinkedIn: Biggest tech acquisitions | Microsoft’s plan to buy professional-networking service LinkedIn for about $26.2 billion, having already included Yammer for $1.2B in 2014, other professional-networking sites such as JobStep remain private.

Bill Gates also discusses his new roll at Microsoft, vacating the Chairman of the Board seat which he held since 1981. He will serve as a Technology Adviser to the new CEO. Bill wants the future way of Microsoft to target mobile and cloud computing and feels a great opportunity lies ahead.

Microsoft’s new chairman of the board, effective immediately, former IBMer John Thompson takes the chair.

Tech Giving

BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION is where they focus their full-time giving efforts. Bill Gates is considering Working one day a week part-time At Microsoft to develop new products.

Many former tech executives and retired CEOs focus their management energy with investment and tech services for philanthropic ventures, one such venture run by a retired tech executive is supporting various philanthropic ventures.


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