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Awareness | Connection Behavior
UPDATED(1/11/2015@09:10 Pacific Time Zone)

The details of this awareness & connection behavior topic will be presented below; another of my behavior topics regarding non-sentient beings can be found @ Prime Behavior.

I like the visual image in the mind that the word “B E H A V I O R” conjures up, obviously it’s different for everyone, but my intention is to paint an image of HOW a person/place/thing/animal/sentient-non-sentient-beings performs its mannerisms.

Connection Behavior

My thoughts regarding the behavior of sentient beings is mind-blowing; since presumably we humans cannot READ the minds of other sentient beings the physical forms of FEEDBACK must be one of the predominate forms of our communication (verbal, mannerisms, written) with each other. Which indicates that we ourselves hold the burden of factual understanding the intent of others and must exhibit a behavior of our own of UNDERSTANDING the communication which is presented to us by others.

Basically the old story of having a dozen people in a circle and whispering a subject in the ear of the first, then passing that subject on one-by-one to the next person in the circle becomes totally obliterated by the understanding of the final 12th person in the circle.

Let’s think about that!

At the beginning of this behavior is awareness. With awareness comes learning and the appreciation for feedback. Fact-Based Feedback is a wonderful learning tool, not to be confused with some sort of opinion expressed about how some widget fell off my thingy; rather a hand on hot wood burning pot-bellied stove equates to pain, so with that feedback painfully in hand, I shall not touch the hot stove again. This feedback from my own nervous system is extremely helpful and provides me a fact-based awareness. Now if I place somebody else’s hand on the hot stove, more painful awareness for both of us.

Obviously the other person was just as sensitive to the heat… but what are the fundamental Fact-Based Feedbacks generated and for whom is the awareness? Was there a connection?

Let’s think about that!

My first elementary example, for me and many two-year olds, merely created a fact-based pain connection that indelibly marked a one-to-one reference. When I introduced another person to the hot stove they too received a one-on-one reference, however the connection with the other person’s pain, now extends one-to-many references since they now believe I am a worthless asswhole. After all facts are facts, and the truth subjective.

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Awareness | Mentoring During Retirement
UPDATED(1/11/2015@09:10 Pacific Time Zone)

As I age I find myself being just a little bit more retired each day. Retirement came to me as an evolution, certainly well planned for in my younger years, but I never had an exact finish line established. I guess the best description I can muster; is that I fell over the finish line and life retired me.

The following will detail the aforementioned statement as best I can, whereby I view this current state of retirement a decline of my participation in history which somehow must be changed to continue contributing and shared efforts for the future way. HOWEVER, first I want to describe “Connection Behavior,” the details of this topic can be found in its own post @ Connection Behavior.

Retirement for me has become merely another chapter of life, with perhaps an alteration of the prior chapters of my life, and retiring or reducing those parts which have been somewhat completed or I just don’t have the energy or capacity to perform any longer. It appears that we tend to learn from our personal history, however we do make that history a little bit better as we carry with us into the future. The past to me is somewhat vague, I want to learn from my past, to reroute the not-so-good events and place as much energy as I can going forward on creating new EXCELLENT events for me and others.

One of the best features of retirement for me is to NOT be locked into a day-by-day EXACT routine. Presumably retirement describes at least some sort of releasing the wage-earning and people-rearing requirement of each day. Thus freeing ( FREEDOM ) me from the decades of day-in/day-out reactions to family, friends and work.

The selfishness now of not giving my all moment-by-moment to others, has now become precious to me – my own personal remaining moments of living time are mine to use wisely.

I have chosen to use some of these precious personal remaining moments to mentor my friends & family – FRAMILY. Young or old, either gender, friend or the most personal family member can benefit from mentoring. I learned a lot of what NOT to do from the mentoring of my elders, and that kept me from the pitfalls of many severe disasters. So I will discuss the pitfalls & benefits in the following of mentoring friends & family, obviously the entire human race is out there and a possible candidate for mentoring, but that requires a more robust infrastructure to implement and I will stick to the discussion of friends & family in this particular post.

One big hurdle to jump is the Direct Connection Behavior issue. As you leave the daily workforce, and your children become adults and live their own life sometimes thousands of miles away from you, and your friends are not expecting you at a moments notice to join them for lunch since either you or they (or both) have moved away from each other – you must establish a way to keep a Direct Connection Behavior with only intermittent 1-on-1 personal meetings, telephone call, letter, email or text interactions. Thankfully technology can provide some solutions to keep us all in touch, but the interactions with these people which you had direct minute-by-minute contact with fades and you must do your best to be aware of the communication changes and gaps of understanding or appreciation of the communication. I realize many of my remaining framily members are now much better at providing me feedback, so I can understand whether or not they feel there is a benefit or if they rather be just social or perhaps fade away completely. I have experienced about a 50% reduction in the contact with my heretofore daily interactions, but clearly established going forward a mutual benefit of those that appreciate the mentoring.
My guess is that just a very small behavior change penetrating into the soul of the unsuspecting, from the thoughtful mentoring efforts can change the world.

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2014 Ford Mustang Boss 302R

2014 Sports Cars season finale victory for Ford Mustang Boss 302R.

Multimatic Motorsports team hopes to upgrade to the latest Mustang – “So new it has no name,” said Multimatic team owner Larry Holt. “In the industry, it’s known by its code name, S550.”


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Federal Reserve and FDIC Welcome ISDA

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation welcome the announcement today by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) of the agreement of a new resolution stay protocol.

A significant portion of bilateral, over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives transactions with large banking organizations permit counterparties to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate the contract upon the banking organization’s failure. Following the recent financial crisis, global financial regulators have focused on the potential for such contractual rights to disrupt the execution of an orderly resolution of a major global banking firm.

This initiative is an important step toward mitigating the financial stability risks associated with the early termination of bilateral, OTC derivatives contracts triggered by the failure of a global banking firm with significant cross-border derivatives activities. Initially, 18 large banking organizations have agreed to sign onto the protocol. The protocol provides for temporary stays on certain default and early termination rights within standard ISDA derivatives contracts in the event one of the large banking organizations is subject to an insolvency or resolution proceeding in its home jurisdiction.

The resolution stay amendments of the protocol are intended to facilitate an orderly resolution of a major global banking firm and reduce the potential negative impact of the resolution on financial stability by giving the bankruptcy court or resolution authority the ability to prevent early termination of financial contracts of the firm’s global subsidiaries. The Federal Reserve and the FDIC are encouraged by this effort and look forward to the continuation of this important work.

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