Mistakes Can Kill

UPDATED(09/19/2016@09:10 Pacific Time Zone)

More than 800 immigrants accidentally granted U.S. citizenship

(04/25/2015@09:10 Pacific Time Zone)American, Italian Hostages Killed in CIA Drone Strike in January Failed Bid to Ransom Hostage Spurs Policy Review Drone Attack Unintentionally Kills Hostages White House Chief of Staff Accidentally Reveals ISIS Hostage’s Name on Live TV ( view CDC incidents )==> CDC closed Atlanta labs ( view CDC incidents )==> CDC outlines 5 incidents in which deadly pathogens were mishandled ( view CDC incidents )==> CDC chief: Anthrax gaffe ‘should never have happened’ ( view aircraft incident )==>Ukrainian military aircraft perhaps got sloppy, hitting a Malaysian civilian aircraft by mistake – a terrible tragedy.

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Boomers won’t be unloading their stocks

( view )==> Baby Boomers are beginning to retire, with the old-line customary procedure for many retirees is to move savings away from growth assets (stocks) and to income assets (bonds). There are even target date mutual funds that mechanically make that shift, without regard to market conditions, to arrive at a bond heavy weighting by the specified date, usually when the investor wants to retire.

Many Boomers however are being much more aggressive allocating 30% to managed cash, 30% to bonds, and 40% to equity businesses or stock.

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( view source article )==> HOORAY WE DID IT!

You helped make Kiva history yesterday, while giving thousands of people all over the world the opportunity for a better life. More than 25,000 Kiva lenders sent $2.9 million to the field, helping make a difference in 56 countries!

Thanks Kiva community for coming together to make this amazing day possible!

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Travel | Flight + Hotel Packages

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Family History


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