Prime Behavior

by Mark Mariotti
UPDATED(11/12/2018@07:30 Pacific Time)


Across many industries is a confirmed beginning of the adaptation of ‘Prime Behavior’ to share robust functionality from binding like optimal processes into a final presentation.

Decades ago the technology world of program development has used the benefit of code components being stripped down to its lowest form of functionality. This process allows for the performance optimization of a component performing the singularity of a purest behavior. Removing the duplication dilemma, these components can be compiled together using the prime behavior properties inheritance (purely or modified) producing a resultant program application which can easily be modified by removing or adding a dissimilar component whereby completely reinventing the end presentation. The disparate components can be written, maintained and owned by different actors.

The aforementioned tech process has relative use-case possibilities well beyond the technology performance in many other industrial use-cases. The following will detail some of these potential use cases:

Television Content Viewing

In this case (for today’s capabilities) the Prime Behavior would be the actual entire production content which could be delivered for optimization via different channels at different times. The future way could observe the disassemble or break down of the production content into much smaller scene stages for better presentations (single or assembled scenes) by viewing sub-topics or very specific narratives or talking-points for optimization via different channels at different times. Entire channels could be dedicated for optimal content interest and remove the necessity for today’s bundling. Or another use case can be described as actors using their talents in most flexible ways to support roles in various competing productions.

Automotive Manufacturing

In this case (for today’s capabilities) the Prime Behavior would be the actual end-unit vehicle which is presented to the buyer has engines, electronics, wheels, body panels, interior, colors and other components which were sourced by Prime Behavior from disparate manufacturers. The final assembly could take place anywhere in the world and the final product could have a function or appearance considerably different than its predecessor using properties & methods of Prime Behavior.

Tech Behavior Impact to Humans

The personal interaction use cases with computer-mediated technologies via  Social Media  must be clearly understood to define its purpose, risk & benefits to society and the mental health impact of Social Media Exploitation directly to susceptible humans

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