Baby Boomers TRAVEL

Why I Travel Alone

Former spouses/partners which are Happily Divorced, are now living solo and enjoying their Adult Kids independence, as well as their own being a soloist – and we find many Baby Boomers are solo traveling and searching for love with frequent flier miles. Awareness of long-term solo-travel is something people should try at least once!

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Giving | Private Sector Poverty Projects

A half a billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty. Report called for eradicating extreme poverty from the face of the earth by 2030.

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Meditation and Mindfulness

Zen Essence of Zen Research OnLine

Working with positive thoughts and emotions for The Future Way of inner peace, anxiety just like anything which impacts our lives, this too shall pass and we will move forward.


Zen 101 Introduction to Zen-Buddhism

Begin to practice loving-kindness during meditation and develop an appreciation for the people and the world.


Zen unThink The Zen of Friends: 5 Tips for When You Feel Let Down

9 Lessons You Learn From Being Friends With A Loner | First steps into Buddhist meditation The following books by Matthieu Ricard, who the press has dubbed “the world’s happiest man” has written a book on the topic to the future way of meditation and mindfulness himself.

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Travel | Ride The Rails – Amtrak

This summer grab a US Rail Pass – – Amtrak Official Site‎ – Leave The Directions At Home & Let Amtrak Do The Driving. Book Now!

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which part of BOOMER don’t you get?

As the Baby Boomers downsize, exit the workforce, begin drawing their earned Social & Health Security and overall re-allocate their lifetime hard-earn capital – you must wonder if our generation is the BOOMER is our children’s generation the BUST? The big lie that I was told to use for replacing staff with tech during the ’70s -thru- ’90s, as I automated every manual process possible was; “Your job will be redefined and become more technical in nature.” – Hmmmm… my adult children believe my generation automated too much, leaving an imbalance in the available workforce.

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Baby Boomers Bank Mortgages Decline

Bank Mortgages Downright Not Wanted!

Many of the 74 Million US Baby Boomers do not desire any bank mortgage, prefer downsizing to 100% equity of their home, and avoid any interaction with a bank’s lending division. U.S. mortgage lending plunges to 17-Year low as rates and demand curtail borrowing.

Some Alternatives To A Traditional Mortgage

The big banks may not dominate the future way of obtaining a real estate mortgage.

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AOL Confirms Mail Service Hacked

AOL confirms Mail service hacked via USA TODAY article ==>

AOL Inc. confirmed today that it is investigating a security incident that involved unauthorized-access to AOL’s network and systems. AOL is working with best-in-class external forensic experts and federal authorities to investigate this serious criminal activity.

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Travel | Save 10% Hotel Booking

New Customers Welcome! Save 10% on your first booking with code==>APR14USNEW10OFF

Book by 4/27/14, Travel by 8/31/14

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Travel | Flights from $138 Round-Trip

Virgin America Flights from $138 Round-Trip with Travelocity! Ends 4/30.

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Travel | Save an extra $75

Save an extra $75 when you book Flight + Hotel (Min. Spend $1500, excludes Las Vegas), use PROMOCODE: 75TODAY.

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