Learning online at Harvard & MIT

Harvard and MIT release working papers on open online learning | Harvard Gazette Report – Many learning facilities are presented online via YouTube, one popular institution delivering free video education is Harvard University.

Schools have to embrace the internet and invest in teachers “like never before” or they will become redundant in a generation, the headmaster of Eton College warned today. Maths at Harvard over the internet, a new generation of flexible teachers was needed where they combined a traditional commitment to childrens’ development with modern practices such as online marking.

The Harvard-MIT OpenCourseWare Professors in Deal to Design Online Lessons for A.P. Classes. Many inventive new approaches in the classroom were already on the way, such as using gaming to motivate children in tasks they find tedious.



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Travel | Sochi Winter Olympic Games security a major concern for U.S. officials

U.S. Officials Are Preparing For A “Worst Case” Scenario At The Sochi Olympic Games

15,000 US Citizens are expected to attend the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Travel agents are seeing a steep decline in bookings over past Olympics. Currently US Navy forces are headed for the Black Sea for purposes of potential emergency evacuation requirements.

Sochi Olympic security a major concern for U.S. officials amid terror threats

Many Americans are staying away from Sochi Olympics


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Social Shopping Center

UPDATED(1/12/2015@09:10 Pacific Time)

Social Shopping,  discover or search online, discuss, screenshot capture item (content recognition), research further online or go touch offline, then order online, pickup offline or have immediately shipped directly to you, wherever you are staying; Some sort of hybrid connection of online and offline shopping is developing as the future way of shopping – “touch the item, enjoy a social experience, then order online” – A developing process in online versus the current existing brick & mortar stores is a hybrid combination.  Basically a simple concept of entering a Social Shopping Store (usually will be found at large metropolis shopping mall which attracts many potential buyers participating in a social shopping experience) and viewing the products offered by an unlimited number of source suppliers. The various selections are explored for a touch & feel experience and perhaps using the item or trying on for a perfect size fit.

What you wont find is a lot of inventory to immediately take home, since the distributed Social Shopping Center will by definition have much more allocated space for the variety of items to touch, rather than volume. So rather take any item home immediately, to keep the costs low, after you have made a purchase decision either you or a store assistant can go to a device (or an automatic scan) and make the order online from a central fulfillment center which will carry plenty of inventory and deliver to you ASAP, PERHAPS the item arrives at your home before you!

One popular and growing “touch then order online” operation using this business model is Bonobos to help with both, offering well-crafted, great-fitting clothing and a top-notch shopping experience that’s simple and painless.

eBay has also ventured into the local experience with same-day delivery.

TheFutureWay of large shopping malls could offer much smaller spaces to many boutique direct online operations, whereby the actual potential customer can check-out the online operation’s products before ordering – taking this one step further, both Amazon & eBay could provide a “touch then order online” local store for their high-profile products and sellers providing a nice benefit to its marketplace users.

The reverse of the aforementioned could also flourish; whereby very large distribution centers (inventory,transportation, fulfillment) could warehouse product, then assemble small viewing boutiques, and storage lockers inside these massive real estate stores, allocate a bank of online kiosks and the customer can complete a purchase their offline or any combination.

Indoor Malls will be ‘historical anachronism,’ says Grove mogul Rick Caruso


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Racing | 40th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

February 10, 2014

Track Construction Begins!

Track construction for the 40th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach begins Monday, Feb. 10 on Shoreline Drive!

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