Giving | Children in poor villages help others

We’ve been donating  clothes

As we have been getting a lot of clothes donated at the moment,  we have taken to keeping as many as we need for our children and then giving the rest away to those who need them – in particular to children in poor villages in rural districts of Nepal.

We are very pleased  that we can help others – at Aishworya (Aishworya is a small, family-run residential children’s home in Kathmandu, Nepal) we think it is important for our children to learn by experience that it is good to give and to share what we have, and we are also pleased that we are able to make sure all the donations made by our kind friends go to people who need them.

More charitable giving options can be found @

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Travel | Central Oregon Sunriver

The Central Oregon Sunriver Lodge is getting an entrance facelift for easier access.


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TheFutureWay | Artificial Intelligence (AI)
UPDATED(1/30/2015@07:27 Pacific Time Zone)

Bill Gates sees artificial intelligence as a big threat

Elon Musk wants to save humanity…from (AI) Transformers

Remember… the student’s hidden goal is to surpass the teacher.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) influences the mortgage loans which are offered to you, the books you buy, which movies you are presented for viewing, and even who you date. Your smartphone, your car and basically all of your selections will eventually be influenced in some way by AI. It makes trades on Wall Street, and controls vital energy, water, and transportation infrastructure.

AI is programming code which has been selected to be incorporated in various tech systems to provide a service to the consumer and extract profit by the company. But AI alters our free-will selection process (as advertising can too) and could threaten our current existence. READ: Our Final Invention

An interesting thought takes my breath away when I consider that life & death surgery is being preformed with the robotic assistance, which has internal operating systems and might have AI components. 30-years ago the software I developed was not affecting life & death and we took very careful care during testing before the code was released into production. We all know that tech systems are FALLIBLE prone to failure and/or mistakes and just what if something goes wrong? Extrapolate that thought with tech that impacts the global mass population.

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