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UPDATED(1/31/2015@09:30 Pacific Time Zone)Mitt Romney decides NOT to run | Perhaps the Electoral College can become a real college to educate and evaluate potential Presidential candidates. The presidential election is held every four years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Each individual voter within their own state will participate and choose their state’s electors when they actually vote for President because when you vote for your candidate you are actually voting for your candidate’s electors.

UPDATED(9/20/2013@09:30 Pacific Time Zone)These state electors’ Electoral College roles (once vetted for their own capabilities) could be expanded to educate and evaluate the candidate’s performance and suitability for President of The United States. Why do we still elect the most powerful single position in the US by a popularity contest? Competence is surely required, and must be a requirement with an acceptable performance metric. Why do we still follow this centuries old process of party politics? A process of preliminary & caucus voting which essentially limit the popular (non-partisan) vote candidate pool. My personal feeling is that this US Presidential Election coming up in the 2016 primary & general election year with be the most contentious in many decades. The whole entire process is very sub-optimal in so many various ways – very simply I can and do vote for many corporate or foundation issues on a daily basis via online or mobile. A third-party tech firm controls the security and content of my voting. My personal vote is requested, received, verified, authenticated and accumulated into the pool of votes for each issue which I have researched or whereby I have given proxy to another. This process works fine, and I don’t understand why the voting process for the US President cannot be accomplished in a similar way, allowing EVERYONE to cast their own vote, their own way.



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