Giving | 1 million child refugees fleeing Syria’s violence

Help Syrian Refugees Survive. Donate for the Children.

1 million child refugees fleeing Syria’s violence CBS News article indicates.


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Willful Violations @ NSA

NSA: Analysts intentionally abused spying powers multiple times

A May 2012 internal government audit found more than 2,700 violations involving NSA surveillance of Americans and foreigners over a one-year period. The audit was reported Aug. 16 by the Washington Post, citing documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

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US National Security Agency (NSA)

Eric Holder: Edward Snowden Performed a ‘Public Service,’ But Must Be Punished | US National Security Agency still doesn’t know what Edward Snowden took, two months after documents leaked by former contractor.

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JobStep Travel

Live the travel dream as best as possible with one of these travel-heavy jobs. Also, check out the directory.

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Social Security Income Beneficiaries

88% aged 65 and older include Social Security benefits as a source of family income.

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TheFutureWay | Healthier & Creamier Ice Cream

The R&D team at the Unilever group, the British-Dutch behemoth that makes 40% of the ice creams – Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, Cornetto and Carte D’Or among them – has invested heavily to develop the future way of ice cream products that are both healthier and creamier.

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TheFutureWay | Cable Television Viewing

The Future Way of cable television viewing via Tru2way technology which is capable of supporting all cable services.

Archive Article

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Giving | Bill & Oprah Receive Award

Bill ClintonOprah Winfrey and 14 other award winners will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year.

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Travel ‘Hyperloop’

Elon Musk (PayPal (co-founder) / Tesla Motors Inc / Solarcity Corp / SpaceX / et al) and his open-source “Hyperloop” transport system concept announcement has various public proposals pending.

We understand that the capsule within the tube will be suspended by air cushion as well as propelled with magnetic assistance.

Musk announced his open proposal on August 12, 2013 – since then the
Hyperloop Transportation System has intrigued many to parody the project.

If we extrapolate a decade or so beyond an actual working transportation system which can move people at hyper-fast speeds; another industry altered will be real estate.

The current real estate tenet of location location location will be replaced by minutes minutes minutes.

Just imagine the land cost of 5 acres in Palo Alto compared to Stockton, California. If it only takes minutes to get from a small plush HQ office in Palo Alto to the outskirts of Stockton, why not push the workload staff to inexpensive and efficient office campus in Stockton and pull them back daily.

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