Social In-Security

Here we go again. I spent 35 years working, contributing to the Social Security retirement system, following the rules. And now they want to ADJUST (obviously that means REDUCE) the annuity payment with the so called “Chained CPI” COLA.

Better wake up fast; retirees, boomers, seniors – DEMAND exactly the committed payouts which were intended for your retirement. Your monthly benefits (keeping up with inflation & US Dollar devaluation) should be increased but certainly NOT decreased.

Going forward with life’s expenses during retirement will be a very difficult challenge, you must prepare to be most efficient in all areas of expense. Very important to maximize your private retirement funds as well as government plans.

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Oregon legislators – hold Wall Street firms accountable

I just signed a petition calling on Oregon legislators and Governor Kitzhaber to hold Wall Street firms accountable for the hundreds of millions of dollars they defrauded from Oregon.

You can add your voice too by going here and signing the petition:

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