If at first you don’t understand

Observe with all your senses and try try again…

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Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish takes Tour de France yellow jersey in stage one | Cycling | The Man from Isle of Man – Mark Cavendish sprints with perfectly organized timing to finish without lead out for 1st Belgian win for Omega Pharma Quick-Step pro cycling team here at the seaside in De Panne.

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3rd Party’s nominee for Governor

Robert C. Sarvis, a Virginia Libertarian, indicates a desire to become the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Governor this year.


Party’s nominee for Governor

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2013 Tour de France

Following our constant cheer-leading and articles providing our long-time decades support of a consistent television broadcast (and corporate sponsorship) in the United States of professional cycling published in various blogs; NBC Sports has perfected the pro cycling broadcasts, and online/mobile streaming for US viewers (as well as open-wheel motor-sports racing), with lead Phil Liggett, universally known as “The Voice of Cycling” | In three months we will have the first stage beginning of the popular Tour de France in the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

2013 Tour de France

Many new teams have begun their season set-up and cycling strategies with various stage races completed all over the world. One epic stage race this month was the Criterium International (won by Christopher Froome & 2nd Richie Porte (Team Sky), Netherlands’s Bauke Mollema (Team Blanco) in 3rd – with USA rider Tejay Van Garderen (Team BMC) placing 5th) in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Corsica. Team Blanco (a pro cycling re-org from Rabo Sport, where Rabobank withdrew support until they are sure the sport is free of dopping) has performed well. Also Team Sky and final year of sponsorship by RadioShack for Team RadioShack Leopard poised to perform well with key players.

As well as refined global star athletes of the sport; the US will be well represented by young and big time veteran riders from American states of Oregon and California | NBCSN Cycling (@NBCSNCycling) | Twitter

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Too Big Period – U.S. Banks Bigger Than GDP

U.S. Banks Bigger Than GDP – requires stricter accounting standards for derivatives and off-balance-sheet assets.

Too Big Period

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Ryan plan aims to drastically shrink deficits

Current spending authority was to expire on March 27, but Republicans chose a budget instead of the threat of federal agencies running out of money and shutting down as leverage to demand deep spending cuts.

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Internet Sales Taxes

Talking Points
1. Vote No against adding Internet Sales Taxes to the Budget Resolution.
2. Don’t be fooled, real people don’t want new tax burdens of any kind on the Internet.
3. New taxes on the Internet will hurt consumers, small businesses, jobs and growth.
4. No small business should ever be able to be sued by another state where they have no connection or right to vote and be dragged into that states’ courts.


Thank you for helping to keep the Internet a place where small businesses compete and consumers thrive. Together, we can make a difference for small businesses across the nation.


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Strengthen Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare, improve your retirement security and advocate for the issues important to Americans 50+.

Your support will help AARP in our fight to secure the health and retirement security that all Americans deserve.

If chained CPI is included in the Senate budget, it’s a big step towards having Social Security cuts enacted.

There’s no time to lose – I just made sure my Senators know I’m counting on them to stand strong against these harmful cuts to Social Security. Will you join me? It only takes a minute.

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Financial | Gold Bullion

After a review of negative public response and vote, the Cyprus government did not approve this proposed tax on bank savings. Essentially these folks in the Island Nation of Cyprus could lose money on their bank savings.

Cyprus Bailout Fallout

In the US we have our bank deposits with limited insured savings via the FDIC.


Individuals can hold gold bullion, jewelry, coins, or financial instruments such as a gold ETF.

SEARCH Gold Bullion Bar SEARCH

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FDIC Consumer Newsletter Features Tips on Protecting Your Money

The FDIC receives thousands of calls, letters and e-mails each year from consumers who have a question or concern relating to a loan, deposit or other banking product. The Winter 2012/2013 issue of FDIC Consumer News features practical tips and information on some of the most important topics raised by consumers, including key things to know about resolving common financial problems, avoiding scams, safely conducting mobile banking, and understanding federal deposit insurance coverage.

The latest issue can be read or printed online at www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/news/cnwin1213.

The FDIC encourages financial institutions, government agencies, consumer organizations, educators, the media and anyone else to help make the tips and information in FDIC Consumer News widely available. The publication may be reprinted in whole or in part without advance permission. Organizations also may link to or mention the FDIC Web site. See the Web site above for more details.

The goal of FDIC Consumer News is to deliver timely, reliable and innovative tips and information about financial matters, free of charge. Current and past issues are online at www.fdic.gov/consumernews.

Please forward this e-mail to anyone else you think would be interested in reading FDIC Consumer News or learning about the FDIC’s other products and services for consumers. Others wishing to subscribe to this free online delivery service should follow instructions posted on the FDIC Web site at www.fdic.gov/about/subscriptions/index.html.

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