Get Big Money out of politics

Mr. President:
This has been the dirtiest campaign in American history. $2.6 billion of negative ads, misinformation, and undisclosed contributions from billionaires and big moneyed interests on both sides. We can’t go on like this. The UK provides an allowance cap of  £150,000 for British Prime Minister elections.
During the campaign, we were encouraged by your promises to change our election system. You’ve opposed Citizens United and supported citizen-funded elections. Will you commit to fixing our broken democracy by passing comprehensive legislation for citizen-funded elections, and make it the first priority of your second term?

Until this changes, big moneyed interests will fight you on all the other issues you care about – be it oil independence or immigration reform. To have any chance of creating serious change, you need to begin by getting Big Money out of politics.

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Get big money out of politics!

Getting big money out of politics is a nonpartisan issue—no one is innocent in this fight. But we need elected officials we can work with. Two things need to happen for us to ensure a future where democracy is restored—everyone needs to get out and vote and we need to vote for candidates who will be responsive to our demand to get big money out of our elections.

It’s easy to use – just join unPAC’s “voting bloc” on Vote With Friends, pledge to vote and then invite your friends on Facebook to make sure they vote, too.

It can be easy to get frustrated with the current system and feel like the Goliaths we’re fighting are just too powerful. But at the heart of this movement is the belief that our democracy is a truly great system—and we must restore it by fighting to reduce the corrupting influence of money.

Voting is a fundamentally patriotic act, and the best way to make sure everyone makes it to the polls is to reach out to your friends and family directly. On Tuesday, Vote With Friends will help you to keep track of who has voted and allow you to send reminders to those who haven’t.

Sign up for Vote With Friends on Facebook and reach out to your friends on Election Day to confirm they’ve voted.


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