Flash Crash

Financial | Flash Crash | US Equities Stock Market – The US Equities Stock Market has become error prone to very fast and deep pricing fluctuations.

These so-called ‘Flash Crash’ issues mimic a casino action.

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News from Nepal

Ethnic Divides Underlie Nepal’s Political Turmoil. [SEARCH: 05/31/2012 @ 06:00 USA Pacific Time Zone]

Nepali Supreme Court judge shot dead. [SEARCH: 05/31/2012 @ 06:00 USA Pacific Time Zone]

The Nepali Times. [SEARCH: 01/01/2012 @ 06:00 USA Pacific Time Zone]

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Major Charities Dupe Donors

In a major investigation conducted by Bloomberg Markets Magazine, senior reporter David Evans found that the American Cancer Society, among other major charities in the United States, have signed suspicious contracts with telemarketers to raise money.

[SEARCH: 9/12/2012 @ 06:00 USA Pacific Time Zone]

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